Over $15 million in successful grants

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Services for Nonprofit and Public Agencies

  • Writing all types of grant proposals, including federal, state, county, city, private foundation and corporate giving.
  • Conducting grant source research to identify potential funding opportunities for project concepts. I closely monitor government grant availability and use a database of over 20,000 foundation and corporate giving sources.
  • Editing client draft proposals and providing technical assistance.


Services for Businesses and Individuals

I provide grant writing, grant source research and editing services for selected businesses that are eligible applicants for federal, state or local government grants, direct loans, and loan guarantee programs.

In selected situations, I will accept individuals who are qualified researchers or scientists and are eligible applicants for government grant or loan programs as clients.


About Dr. Eric Jackson

As a Professor of History and Director of the Black World Studies program at Northern Kentucky University, with almost twenty five years of academic experience at the university level, at Northern Kentucky University, Dr. Eric R. Jackson has taught numerous classes in the fields of American and African American History, Race Relations and Peace Studies. Dr. Jackson has also published a wide array of books, books reviews, articles, etc. in many local, regional, national, and international journals, such as the Journal of African American History, the Journal of Negro Education, Ohio History, the International Journal of World Peace, and the Journal of Pan African Studies.)  With over fifty publications, Dr. Jackson recently completed an online book/website on African Americans in Cincinnati (Oxford University Press, 2015 - http://www.oxfordaasc.com/public/features/archive/0216/index.jsp), co-authored a book titled Cincinnati’s Underground Railroad (Arcadia Publishing, Inc. 2014) and co-authored another book titled Unique Challenges in Urban Schools: The Involvement of African American Parents (Rowman and Littlefield, May 2015) and in process of writing an Introduction to Black Studies textbook (University of Kentucky Press, 2019). In 2017 he received the Second International World Civility Award from IChange Nations. Most importantly, he has written, reviewed, or obtained various grants from the federal government to private foundations that amount to about $15 million. Some example are United States Department of Interior - National Park Service - Network to Freedom Grant, Gray and Pape Heritage Management Company - Lumpkin's Jail Project Richmond, Virginia, Teaching American History Grant, and National Endowment for the Humanities - Mobile and Place Based Grant


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